I plan to use this section of the site to motivate people while they lose weight.





"My life sucks."

What do you think happens if you tell yourself these things over and over again every day? Do you think there's a chance you'll start to believe them? Do you think they'll affect your outcomes in life? I sure do. If there's one thing I've learned in this life, it's this: Words have effect. You may not notice the effect instantly, but I guarantee they'll have one.

Take for example, someone who constantly says, "I'm so depressed!" Is it not possible that that person is just reinforcing his thoughts and in turn getting a belief in his head that he is, in fact, a depressed person? What sort of results will that produce on his actions and the results he has in his life?

 I use words like: terrific, wonderful, superb, phenomenal, and exquisite. Do I always feel THAT good? Maybe not (though I generally feel mighty fine these days!), but you know what happens? As soon I tell someone I feel that way, using one of those words, it starts to make me feel that way just a little.

Now, let's look briefly at some of the words we use when talking about aspects of food:

"I'm starving!"

"I'm gonna DIE if I don't eat soon!"

"I could eat a horse!"

Can you see where these words can pretty easily lead someone to overeat when sitting down for a meal? What would happen if you simply modified what you said to something along the lines of "I'm a tad hungry" or "I think my body needs a little nourishment." Sounds hokey, but you'll be surprised how it can change your state of hunger.